Speaking Engagements


Having Mike Morgan (Zen~) speak at your vaping related convention can add a great deal of value to the event and provide valuable educational opportunities to several of the core demographics of your audience. Mike can tailor some of the presentations to serve the needs of Vaping Enthusiasts, Vape Industry Retailers or a mixed audience, while several are for industry professionals only.

Available Topics include:

  • Battery Safety for Beginners.
    Retailers and End-Users alike MUST learn this information and Mike presents it in a fun and non-scientific way. This class covers a difficult topic in a way that non-engineers can appreciate, and engineers have applauded.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Innovation and Design - Bringing your product to market.
    This presentation is geared toward future and emerging manufacturers of products for this evolving marketplace. There's even something in it for people that have already begun their manufacturing journey. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by manufacturing start-ups in MANY industries, including our own. This discussion walks entrepreneurs through the whole process starting with the idea, and following through to delivery.
    This can be tailored to be a 1hr or 2hr presentation.

  • Technology Trends - Spotting and making the most of trends before they emerge.
    Trends come and go, as a retailer are you making the most of the profitable industry mood swings? Mike discusses how to spot them, and how to leverage that market intelligence to scoop the competition.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Competition in our industry - How to survive in an exploding market.
    We have all seen it before... a customer walks into your store, you teach him everything there is to know about the product and they open a store down the street. It's happening all over world as this market is expanding, but you can be the last man standing if you know and really understand a few basic rules of retail survival.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Sales and Marketing - What a difference a brand makes!
    We all know the importance of branding, but few people ever seem to get their own brand off the ground. Mike discusses several methods of branding, but more importantly, he is able to convey how AND WHY it is so important to create instantly recognizable differentiation in this rapidly expanding market.
    Typical Presentation length: 1-1.5 Hrs.

Mike Morgan is a FUN, dynamic and highly regarded speaker that has taught break-out sessions and given presentations at several of the National Vape Meets including: Chicago VapeFest 2012, New York Vape Fest 2013, Las Vegas Vape Fest 2013, Vapetoberfest 2013, Tampa VCCT 2014, DC Vapefest 2014, Vape Expo 2014, Las Vegas Vape Fest 2015.  He is scheduled to appear at several other meets and events in 2015, including Vape Expo 2015 and Vape Fest Miami, September 19-20.

Contact Dan Courtney at House of Hybrids to discuss fees.