Sometimes a customer just cracks us up...

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8-6-2015 ~ There are those times when events are just plain funny... such is the case with a customer that is sending a unit in for service, and the postal service decided it needs to go on tour instead of get here for the repair...

We have been tracking it for days, when suddenly, it appears in the 'burbs of Chicago... The customer feels the need to issue a warning about it's whereabouts:

"News reports today, from Elk Grove, IL, indicate a rogue Kabuki tank that is wreaking havoc in the community.  An All-Points-Bulletin has been issued, but please be on the looking for this unarmed-yet-still-dangerous fugitive tank.  It is well known to have a very sharp air control valve, and has been attacking the index fingers of anyone who tries to approach it.

The city is in danger of running out of Band-Aids unless 'Buki can be apprehended without further incident. 

Lock your doors and, if you must go outside, keep your eyes peeled LOW.  It's a very short tank and can easily surprise the unsuspecting pedestrian without warning.

News 22 will keep you informed as more information becomes available to us, and the National Guard is standing by, in the event such measures are required."