AT LAST... THE ZNA40... sort of...



So, to answer the often asked question... WHERE IS THE ZNA 40... here is the answer... finally... 
Go buy a DNA40 board and we'll hook you up with the parts so you can build it yourself... We don't want to be responsible for servicing DNA40 boards that fail... you're convinced they won't... you win.

Announcing: The DIY ZNA KIT

Basically, this is a "build your own damn ZNA40 if you want one so badly" kit... What you'll get is a complete ZNA body with a fully assembled head. The head is the hard part... the rest is easy.... Simply remove the threaded part below the head, solder your DNA board in there to the wires... (red is power, green is ground, white is output) and shove all the parts together, press the back on it and thread it all back together... The Body is UNFINISHED aluminum... paint it, polish it, drag it through the mud... it's up to you. Get creative. This kit is compatible with DNA 20,25,30 & 40. WE DO NOT SUPPLY THE BOARD WITH THIS KIT... The 200 will not fit.

NO SUPPORT is available if you can't make it work. It's DIY and you're on your own. When it's all said and done, it could be fun to build your own. Basic soldering skills are required. CANNOT be sent in for service if you are unable to complete it. But if you have the skills, and a DNA board, you'll have a working mod in about 15 minutes. Cool, huh? CONTACT US for bulk orders. (bulk means a LOT... not a few)

So that's my answer... I want to make this available to you if you want it.  But HoH doesn't want to build it.