All these great flavors... but not for me

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The time has come to speak my mind, and frankly, it's long overdue.

As many of you know, I attend quite a few of the larger vape meets and conventions each year, and in the early days of these things, one of the highlights of the events was getting to try all the new eLiquids that are becoming available. It's fantastic to be able to sample the newest offerings from the emerging industry. It was great, I would try an eLiquid at the event, and if I liked it, I would buy a bottle or two and some of these liquids have become regulars when I want a break from my Private Stash liquids that I produce for myself.

But, early last year I noticed a trend, however, that really did concern me. After tasting a liquid that I liked, I would ask for a bottle of it in 18Mg/ml and the vendor would look at me like I had five eyes.  Some even laughed... The liquid was only available in 12 Mg and below...

This year at the conventions it's getting hard to find eLiquid available in anything above 6Mg/ml...

This past weekend at Vape Bash in Chicago, I tasted several REALLY delicious flavors that I would have loved top have purchased. Problem is... 6Mg/ml was the highest nicotine available.  I mentioned the problem to several vendors, they all responded with the same exact answer.  "Nobody buys much above 3Mg/ml, and 6 is as high as we go... simple economics."

Yes... I agree... it's simple economics if all you're concerned about is the almighty dollar.  If you are a vendor that is here for the money, and NOT the higher cause of helping people save their lives, then yes... it's simple economics. If you are a vendor that ONLY cares about selling massive quantities of eLiquid, and NOT servicing the needs of EVERY vaper that may enjoy your flavors, then yup... it's simple economics.

BUT... I DO NOT AGREE that nobody uses anything higher than 6Mg/ml, because I vape at 18Mg, and I personally know more people that vape 12 and above than ones that vape at 6 and below... IN FACT... when I bring home the samples that I reluctantly accepted so as to not seem rude, there is only ONE person that works in my own shop that vapes 6Mg and below... Are you listening, vendors? Of my ENTIRE staff, most of whom vape... only ONE PERSON vapes below 6Mg, and ONLY when he drips, the rest of the time he's at 12 and above.

So why are we here? What started this industry and why does it even exist? We are here to free ourselves of the harm caused by combustible tobacco. And PART of this industry is to help SMOKERS stop SMOKING, and no matter how you slice it, this industry is REALLY failing in that area.  VAPE shops are catering to vapers.  Makes sense... but what about smokers?  What about Vapers that use higher nicotine levels because they want to be able to vape LESS but still get enough nicotine to satisfy themselves?

The message being sent by these manufacturers is simple, and I am hearing it loud and clear. 

They are saying "we don't care about you". 

They are saying "It's not worth it for us to even acknowledge that you exist".

It's all about the money.

So, to the juice makers out there that sell 6Mg and below... As long as there is even ONE vaper standing that feels he needs higher nicotine than YOU have deemed fiscally prudent, then YOU have turned your back on that vaper, because it's not worth it for you to help that guy out. YOU are a selfish and money motivated vendor. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being fiscally wise, but please don't insult me by looking me in the eye and tell me you're not in this business for the cash grab. Take a long hard look at yourself before you do that.

There many juice makers out there that agree with me that still make liquids as high as 24Mg/ml. And those that do, well, they get all that business that you have left behind by ignoring the high-nic vaper. And it's great that we have them to fall back on... but it's really upsetting to walk an entire convention floor only to be turned away by most of the vendors.  It's hard to be laughed at for requesting higher nicotine. It's discouraging to taste a great flavor only to find out that our needs just don't fit into your business plan.

So I'm going to come right out and say it.

You basically suck. I am sick to death of being told I don't matter.