The ZFO opens today!


2/1/14 the time has come... we shall open the doors to the public.... AT LAST!

It has been a LONG time coming... We moved into 42 Nichols street on May 1 2013... and I was planning on having the showroom open by June... OK, so I missed that deadline!

So lets talk about what happened in the interim, shall we?

Z2 launched in June... and we have been hopping ever since!  ZenKote, Brass Tubes, Gold Plating, Machines IN HOUSE, putting up walls, windows, doors... paint... LOTS of paint! We BUILT those displays... they were not purchased! We BUILT that lounge! (and it is spectacular!)

I'm gonna take just a minute before I get some rest to thank a few people, so stay with me, and I am NOT naming everybody, so deal with it!

First and foremost... ahead of everybody else... I have to thank Stacie Fournier... Shes the Vice President of this dump, and the treasurer of the corporation as well. She is my life partner of 14 years and she's the glue that keeps this stuff together when I need to NOT think about which bill needs to be paid and when... babes... you're amazing!

Tied for second... Larry Giller and Dan Courtney. You guys rock and without you guys I'd be hard pressed to get stuff done.

Adam, Don, Bruce, Carol, Matt, Albert, John, Jonna, Lee, Morgan, Andy and Karen... what can I say? You guys assembled a whole lotta attys, packages, pvs and accessories this past year... NONE of this is possible without you.

The machine crew... Al Coleman... 'nuff said! If he can't machine it, it can't be done! (and a whole slew of other machinists that DAILY grind out parts in support of this whole thing, my hats off to you guys as well!) and at the primary machine facility: Ken, Dan, Scott, Chris, Corey, Chas, Sung, the OTHER AL and the OTHER Adam... you guys keep the spindles spinning and I am grateful for the effort you put in!

And last but certainly not least... Wayne Green... This big lug built the showroom I'm about to be proud of! He worked hard to build the vision I presented to him, and he did an awesome job...

In the public eye... Cigar Babe, Tony AKA Honest Vape and Phil Busardo... thanks for all you have done for me and for spreading the word in ways I never could.

I would like to thank the "haters"... without you guys posting your negative venom I would never evolve. I would become lazy and complacent... You guys do more for me than most... you keep me on my toes and make me clear of thought. When I have to defend my design decisions it brings forth a clarity that cannot exist without you! You're still wrong, but you force me to be sure that I'm right. I actually appreciate that.

And the lovers too... The Zenfidels are still going strong over two years later. It's amazing to me! You have become some of my closest friends in the world. I'm glad we found each other.

The dealers of my products are the foot soldiers on the front line... ENS and CIEC, you've been amazing... Sky Vapor in washington state is about to be on board as well, and soon, Perfection Vapes in upstate new york and unique vapor will be joining the fold...

Yeah, the showroom opens in 9 hours... I need to get some rest as many of you are driving through the night to be there and share this moment with me. I hope you're not disappointed with the joint after your long drive. I'm sure something will go wrong at the opening... it's bound to happen... but I look forward to sharing the moment with my friends, win lose or draw.

As I said, It has been a long time coming. I look forward to tomorrow with a little bit of nervous energy, but my friends will be there and those that couldn't make it will be there in spirit.

Thanks to ALL of you that made this possible, and let's tear the ROOF offa this joint!