Zen's Private Stash Premium eLiquid

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By Popular demand, the ZPS Premium eLiquid is finally available at the ZFO.

This is a very clean eLiquid that features 7 flavors that are made from the finest ingredients. These are not made with the same flavoring manufacturers that are prevalent in the juice market today. 

ZPS is exactly the juice I vape daily, and is available ONLY in 18Mg/ml nicotine strength and is a 70/30 PG/VG blend. There are four menthol offerings and 3 non menthol.

Black Ice is a solid blend of organically grown long crystal menthol and real Australian licorice root extract. It has a black  licorice bite with a STRONG menthol finish.

Teaberry Menthol is a nostalgic vape that tastes like the classic Teaberry gum with organically grown long crystal menthol. Like most of the ZPS juices, it has a clean no aftertaste freshness with a menthol finish.

Berry Menthol is calming eLiquid... The berry flavor glides into your sensory perception on a cloud of long-crystal menthol leaving you with a clear head and heightened awareness. It's an amazing after-dinner vape that pairs wonderfully with wine or a great conversation.

Real Menthol is REALLY menthol... This is a mint blend with a ferocious head-clearing long-crystal menthol flood of flavor that awakens your senses. The spearmint note opens your taste buds to experience the peppermint finish. The flavor is seemingly simple with extraordinarily complex explorations of flavor notes and tones. If you enjoy menthol, you're gonna LOVE this stuff.

RaspberryBacco is a sophisticated palate cleansing vape with subtle colors and flavors. Lighly raspberry flavored with a VERY subtle tobacco note that dissipates at the finish.

Teaberry Shuffle is an amazingly crisp non-menthol mint blend with a solid bite and a subtle finish. This eLuiquid is a great all-day vape for non-menthol lovers!

Aussie Licorice is the exact flavor of kookaburra black licorice without all the calories. Most "licorice flavor" eLiquid uses substitutes for the incredibly expensive Licorice Root Extracts that are used to make REAL quality licorice... This flavor makes you realize that by using premium flavor extracts instead of chemical substitutes you will end up with cleaner, more satisfying flavors.

Zen's Private Stash Premium eLiquid isn't for everybody... Its for the vaping connoisseur with a discerning palate who demands the very best.  To experience the crisp and clean flavors with complex overtones and see for yourself, stop by the ZFO for a taste!