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It's time to make a completely idiotic statement

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It's time to make a completely idiotic statement

I'm a man on a mission.

For the past several years, all of us in the vaping community have been working towards a common goal... to free ourselves of the ravages of tobacco. We quit smoking and started vaping, and our lives have been changed forever.

For the better...

Now, the FDA has, in their infinite wisdom, put forth a proposal to deem eCigs as a Tobacco product... and while they are at it they have also put anything that even resembles a method of vaporizing nicotine in the same category.

This, in my opinion, is tragic.

Tobacco in its combustible form kills people... lots of them.  Tobacco use killed 100 million people in the 20th century. ...  at this very rate, 650 million smokers alive today will eventually die from tobacco-related disease. Tobacco doesn't just kill people that use it... it kills people that are NEAR the people that use it. And if it doesn't kill you, it has an effect on you, and there can be no argument that the effect is in ANY way a good thing.

So, all of us in the eCig industry are NOW, against our will, going to be listed and regulated as manufacturers of tobacco products.

I don't mind being regulated, taxed, controlled... what have you... I ABSOLUTELY object to being lumped in with the tobacco industry. A few short weeks ago I could stand tall and tell people that I was in an industry that is making a change in the way people with nicotine addiction live out their lives. My own doctor provided eCigs for his father who could not quit smoking, and the results on his health have been remarkable, by the way, but nope... we are now going to be in the tobacco industry.

I would like to make a statement to the world, starting right here and now. Vapers are ANTI-TOBACCO. We don't smoke it... we don't use it in it's combustible and deadly form, and we resent being told that this is our place in the world.

VAPERS are VICTIMS of the tobacco industry.

So what am I going to do about it? Like I said at the onset... Starting here... right now... I'm a man on a mission. I have been approached by several of my peers in the vaping industry about starting up a legal battle by hiring lobbyists to fight for our cause in the corrupted halls of congress and state legislatures, and I cannot see this as a viable solution, and I'll tell you why.

WE ALL AGREE that we should not be classified as tobacco products and we ALSO all agree that the RIGHT thing to do is to spend our time and effort educating our law makers as to EXACTLY what we stand for. The time has come to make sure every single member of congress as well as every state elected official in ALL 50 states is delivered the clear message that WE ARE NOT SMOKING... we are NOT tobacco. And we believe we are RIGHT in this assertion... so why do we have to pay for influence to deliver the message that we are RIGHT? The Lobbyists should be representing us Pro-Bono... they shouldn't be charging us to DO WHAT'S RIGHT, SHOULD THEY? 

You see... they charge because they don't care if we are right. They only care if they get paid.

I don't want to pay them. I want them to do what's right.

I feel, and I am sincere in this belief, that the SAME money would be more effective by making an amazingly stupid yet incredibly thrilling GRAND GESTURE that the press CANNOT ignore. A message that will send a message LOUD AND CLEAR that VAPERS HATE TOBACCO, and EVERYTHING that tobacco stands for.

Here's the good part... Seriously, I mean it...

The GRAND GESTURE... what was the Boston tea party?

It was a GRAND GESTURE is what it was... and boy were the Brits angry with us. But it got their attention.

My grand gesture is far less criminal in nature... in fact, it's not criminal at all.  It's amazing, and exciting, and for some folks even fun... but it is MIGHTY grand in it's scope... because.... wait for it...

I want to stuff as many cartons of cigarettes as I possibly can into as big of a rocket as I can get my hands on, and send those suckers right into space... as far as we can get them away from our planet as possible... where they can no longer hurt people.

Is there a better way to send the message that "WE ARE NOT TOBACCO.... WE ARE NOT SMOKING... WE ARE VAPING, and we do NOT want to be associated with the tobacco industry in ANY way".

And do you think I'm joking?

Think again.

The research and planning has begun, and it is most likely possible to do EXACTLY as I have proposed... It's gonna cost some cash... and it won't be easy, but it's a gesture worth doing. I plan on alerting the media once the plan is in place. This will require permits, and experts, and technology access... but it CAN be done... and every step of the way I intend to document the process with the hopes of releasing a documentary on the entire proceeding. This will feature as many people as we can get to comment on their feelings towards this whole debacle.

I will soon be posting details as to how you can help in this process. I fully intend to move forward until a rocket filled with deadly tobacco is on it's way out of our atmosphere where it cannot hurt another soul. I will pursue this until I make it happen, or I am stopped by legal means. Even if I am prevented from actually launching the rocket, with your help I will raise so much awareness to the fact that WE ARE VICTIMS OF TOBACCO and WE ARE NOT TOBACCO that I will be comfortable knowing that our lawmakers are WELL AWARE that they got this wrong.

Yes folks... it's BIG STUPID GESTURE TIME!