Five Special APVs for a special cause...

Five one of a kind PVs custom made for the vaping militia auction

The Vaping Militia is sponsoring an online auction to benefit CASAA And they contacted us to see if we would donate an item or lot to the event. We were quite happy to oblige, and went right to work designing something special.

What we came up with is five one-of-a-kind PVs in Granite finished Stainless Steel, each one featuring a unique phrase deeply machine engraved in Chinese characters. These units use 18650 batteries and they have our special Gun Metal ZenKote™ as accents. They are truly beautiful and superbly crafted.

"Stop The Ban"


"Relax, It's Vapor"


"I'm Proof"


"I'm Not Smoking"


"Don't Tread On Me"

Bidding on Items starts May 17, 2014. Auction Items will end on a live show on May 24, 2014 @ at 11am EST and go until every item is gone. This is going to be hosted and supported by every vape show network. If happens to have issues during the broadcast the backup broadcast will be @ . Items will be listed and bidding will take place at hppt:// . You will need to register for an account at corevape (free).

For more information, you can join the Facebook Group Page for the auction: