Turner & Boyle Accessories

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Recently, we have come in contact with an innovative little company with some cool ideas. When we were first approached by the folks from Turner and Boyle, they showed us a few things they had in the works, and wondered what we thought about them.

We were impressed. They seemed to have a knack for looking at things... well... differently. They are modders of the first order. They look at existing devices on the market and they find ways to improve on them so they end up better than the original. We liked their approach and have kept in touch with them.

They finally have some products available for the market place and they contacted us to discuss putting ZenKote™ on a few of their innovations and Zen wholeheartedly agreed, and he went one step further, offering to handle their distribution as well.

So that's how we landed here... In the next few months, the Turner and Boyle products will start showing up here, then they will end up at our entire distribution network as well. ANY dealer is welcome to contact us to carry these products in your online or retail stores. We truly believe these products will be a real hit.

So what is coming?

The first item on the market will be a set of conversion tanks for the popular Kayfun and Russian style atomizers, these make it possible to put more traditional drip tips on the top of the atomizer, but even better, they will be available in stainless steel AND ZenKote™ finishes for a perfect match to your house of hybrids or ZenKote™ ProVari.

The Second item will be a conversion kit that turns a Russian or Kayfun into a nice little dripper atomizer. These will also be available in ZenKote™.

Soon thereafter, a quartz conversion tank for the Kayfun/Russian will hit the streets, and it will also be available in ZenKote™. This is a nicely designed item that uses readily available Quartz or Pyrex in the same glass sizes that are used on Zenesis PVs and Atomizers.

Turner and Boyle have several new drip tips coming out as well as a few other neat accessories that just make vaping easier, neater, cooler and above all else, stylish.

There will be a few adapters coming out as well... mostly to turn 510 atomizers into hybrid style, but in a more complete way than the existing hybrid kits on the market today.

As we start getting these products into inventory, we will post pictures, until then, the descriptions will have to do!

Dealers are welcome to contact us once you start seeing the products showing up on this page.