So we opened the ZFO on February 1, 2014... and it's almost June... and in the past three months I learned something... You guys really like this place! It's great to see the impromptu meetups happen. People have traveled from as far away as Florida to Visit and spend some time vaping in this great setting.  It's been a lot of fun getting to know many of you in person.

The most common question has been... "When will you be open on Saturdays?" and I have explored the possibility of having weekend hours of some kind, and I just have not been able to make it happen.

I also realized that running a growing retail operation while trying to run a manufacturing business at the same time is a tricky bit of trouble to manage, and while I enjoyed vaping up front while everybody was in the back picking up the slack, I have to admit it makes for lots of time playing catch-up when I finally return to the production area.

Then it hit me... what I NEED is somebody to RUN the ZFO, so I can just pop in on occasion then return to my responsibilities out back. OK, I'll admit it, I already knew that was going to have to happen eventually, I just didn't expect it to happen so soon.

The decision I mad is a but different than hiring a manager... I am inclined to create opportunity where I can, and I decided that the ZFO needed to be a separate business WITHIN an existing business... A "concession" sort of a thing. 

Look, I'll just cut to the chase... Starting the first week of June, Jason Smith is going to become the proprietor of the ZFO. He is licensing the right to operate the ZFO as HIS OWN business. He is going to be expanding the products offered so that the ZFO has a bit more stuff than just the HoH product line... more juice lines... a few accessory items and complimentary products to fill out the entry level and juice lines... you know... it's gonna be a REAL vape shop now.

Jason is a customer service oriented guy that shares the same ideals as I do for customer care.  He's a solid individual with a Wife, Daughter and mortgage payments... and he is a good friend to the Zenfidel community. Basically he's a natural to do this and I think he's going to excel at it. This past weekend he put on a Bar-b-que at the ZFO that was a blast and we all had a great time.

We like him.

If you see him online congratulate him on his new endeavor, and if you're in town, stop by the ZFO and wish him well in this new pursuit. I believe this is the best move to allow the ZFO to grow and flourish... and don't worry, I fully intend to play hooky from the production area as much as I possibly can!

And one other thing....

He's going to be open on Saturdays.