Coming Soon... The ZNA 813

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I'd like to present the ZNA 813...

This is a MODULE that can fit on ANY of my Z2 pvs that will convert them into a DNA 30 device. The prototype in the pictures is black, but it is going to be be released in Aluminum Graphite first, followed by Aluminum Rose Gold.

This module is a bit of a departure for me, in that I didn't actually design it. Prior to this, every PV I have released has been of my design... but I'm really interested in developing the talent of a few of my team members. For this offering, I worked with Adam Cosell, a very talented young member of my staff who has shown an interest in PV design, so I decided to let him take the lead on the project. I offered Guidance when needed, but this bad boy is all about what he brings to the table. Adam is great at 3D drawing and design, and he approached this as a computer designed item right from the start. The inner parts of the Device that make up the board carrier are 3D printed. Adam made the prototype in conjunction with Al Coleman back in the prototype shop, and I am really pleased to say the team has exceeded my expectations.

I expect these to be hitting the streets in about a month, possibly sooner.
The unit will be for sale as both a Module AND as a Stand Alone PV for folks that don't already have a Z2 PV. Pricing will be announced soon.

The photos show it with an 18350 tube.