Are we having fun yet? ZNA Production update


We have picked up some momentum and product is rolling smoothly... ALL the bugs are under control and we expect 200 per week to ship from this point on. 

Thoughts on the ZNA

I was at VapeStock in Florida back in June and I didn't own a DNA device at the time... they were just starting to hit the scene pretty hard and I had a plan to grab an Opus D at the event. I had heard a lot about the DNA20D and I really wanted to check one out.

At the event I had the occasion to meet with Brandon Ward from Evolv for a little over an hour and we talked a lot about his boards, and my PVs and it became quite apparent that a collaboration was bound to happen...

After returning home, I immediately started to work on the way in which I would approach using his power regulation board. I started with a clean slate... I didn't want to make a box mod... and I never did like the additional height that the board would add to the PV. The obvious form factors simply didn't work for me.

I Measured a DNA board... stared at it... long and hard, actually... and I pretty much put it aside after that. I couldn't imagine making just another box mod, DNA or not... and the length just wasn't working for me.

So I went to the clay...

I taped the DNA board to the tube, and used modeling clay to mock-up what a housing could look like. The goal: To add as little to the side-to-side dimensions of the PV as possible. The ZNA was starting to take shape.

What came from that early mock-up was to become a real manufacturing challenge. I had the concept in place, and I knew I wanted to have an art-deco look and feel to it... and from there I worked, and re-worked the design until it was time to hit the machines and prototype the thing.

Al Coleman is my lead machinist, and he has a great knack for reading my mind when needed, and the two of us stood by the mill as I expanded on the cuts needed to make the device come to shape. Working ONLY FROM VERBAL INPUT... Al carved the first prototype of the body out of Aluminum in about 4 days. NO CAD, no Drawings... just verbal instructions. It was an amazing process in which to participate. Once the body was done... I told him... "make 10 more" and when I was in Vegas for Vapefest, he machined 12 of them out of Aluminum, and one out of stainless steel.

When I returned from the trip, I built the first working prototype out of various bits and scraps from around the shop. The PV sprung to life just moments before I had to head to Long Beach to participate at VapetoberFest. I showed a few people the concept, and everybody wanted to buy it on the spot... I explained that it was just a prototype and they would have to wait. I could tell from the start, this was going to be a well-received design.

After I returned from Long beach, I build up ten more prototypes. The first one was retired as each new one came closer and closer to the "final" design. It was really starting to take shape!

Two weeks later, we went down to VaperCon in Richmond... this time with 10 ZNA prototypes. I out the ting in as many peoples hands as I could. Watching them.... observing how people used them... the position of their hands as they picked it up... how they held it when they vaped... and their reactions to the usability of the device... it became abundantly clear that I needed a little more work on the ergonomics of it. EVERY person that picked it up place their thumb or finger on it in a location about 3/4" ABOVE where the firing button was located, then they adjusted their grip to hit the button. It became obvious to me that the button really SHOULD be located higher on the body... so I redesigned the switch, making it a fair amount more difficult to manufacture... but form needs to follow function, and I simply couldn't leave the button where it was originally located.

From that point, I had my final design.

The machining time on the ZNA isn't measured in minutes... The PV has a very high parts count. There are 11 custom made machined parts, and 7 off-the-shelf hardware items... This thing is a huge undertaking. Think about this: With 11 machined parts, to make 1,000 of them requires manufacturing 11,000 parts... and ordering another 7,000 parts. That's 18,000 parts, not including wire that needs to be cut to length then stripped and tinned! Not to mention the dollars associated with creating that parts inventory while generating NO early pre-order income from the project... HOPING people will want the thing!

Then I decided I was tired of the old tube packaging.... and the quest started for a package that was appropriate for such a device. I shopped the cinese box makes and just could not make myself buy a chinese box for one of the most advanced PVs to ever come to market... I had to find a Box maker in THIS country and I found one, and they did an AMAZING job custom making the ZNA box.

So here we are... The PV is going on sale on Jan 16... a little later than originally planned, but delays happen. The ZNA is a fantastic device (I've been vaping one since late-September) and I hope you guys like it! I can honestly say that I pulled out ALL the stops with this design... leaving NOTHING on the table. Every comment from my beta testers ended up in changes in the final design, and I truly feel this is the best PV to hit the streets in a long time. My team did an AMAZING job pulling this all together and I simply could not have asked for more from them. Everybody did their part, and I hope when you finally get to hold it in YOUR hand, you will feel the same way about it that I do.

This really is the best PV I can make at this time, and I am incredibly proud of my team for helping to make it a reality.

And I have not even talked about the features and specs.... STAY TUNED!



Pure Magic... no foolin'

It's no secret that I've been playing around with alternate wicking materials for Genny style rebuildables, and a lot of my close friends have seen me vaping various forms of ceramic wicks in the last year. Among the best of them is the FZ2000Z Hard Ceramic wicks which we now include with all of our atomizers. This material produces great vapor and amazing flavor... but it is tricky to setup and if you don't know the tricks to breaking it in, it can take a while to get it pumping out vapor. It's also VERY Fragile, which can be a real issue for some people.

FC2000Z Ceramic Wick in shipping tube

I've ALSO been vaping Nextel XC116 quite a bit... and while it wicks amazingly well and produces exceptional vapor, the material requires extensive prep-work that needs to be done correctly, and if you fail to do it correctly it can have some rather negative side effects. The trouble here, is that to prepare the material correctly will require you to own a Kiln because it needs to be heat treated for HOURS (not minutes) in order to be considered safe for handling. That's not a small problem... in fact, that's a BIG problem. It is SUCH a big problem that I do not actually recommend traditional XC116 for use as a wick if you plan on preparing it yourself. It's actually an exceptionally bad idea.

But what if you COULD get the material, properly prepared and ready to use? Would XC116 be something I would recommend? With a couple of disclaimers in place, I WOULD without hesitation suggest that you give it a try.

OK then, what are the disclaimers? 

First and foremost, You need to be SURE that the supplier of the material is ACTUALLY preparing the material properly. You can't fix it if it's done incorrectly, and you have no way of knowing it was done correctly. 

Second, you need to realize that there are several suppliers of this material that have shipped unprepared wick and unless you have used properly prepared material you may not be able to tell the difference, so go back to disclaimer numero-uno...

So now what? Well, Recently I encountered a supplier of XC116 and I quizzed him hard about his method of preparation... and low and behold, he is preparing the material correctly... SO correctly, that he has developed a proprietary method of preparation that actually improves on the wicking performance of the material. He sent me a sample to play with, I've shared the sample with several of my local friends that vape and I've been using it myself... and this stuff is Pure Effing magic.

It is SO good, that I contacted him and said "I HAVE GOT TO GET PEOPLE TO USE THIS IN MY ATTYS AND PV's ... Stainless is GREAT.... FZ2000Z is ALSO great... But heck yeah... YOUR version of XC116 is AMAZING!"  I continued "Ummm, how are you gonna make it so people don't confuse YOUR XC116 with EVERYBODY ELSE'S inferior version of it?" 

Well now that IS a dilemma, ISN'T IT? If it's all called XC116, how can you tell? Jeremy, the owner of and I brainstormed a bit, and we figured out that HIS version isn't the SAME as everybody elses... it deserves a name of it's own... READYxWICKis now the name of the product and you will be able to know you have the real thing because the package will have a holographic label which certifies that you have the real deal.

Holographic Label... No label? You're not vaping the real thing!

Anyway, here's the pitch... I want you guys to try this stuff... it's terrific... so when I was talking to Jeremy, I asked him if he would consider hooking me up with some samples to include with my atomizers and Zenesis PVs and he graciously agreed. So starting mid January EVERY Zenesis PV and Z-Atty will ship with enough of this material to check it out for yourself... and this is all on his dime, by the way. He's confident in his product and so am I!

If you already have one of my PVs (Or any OTHER rebuildable atty, for that matter) I highly recommend that you give it a try. I don't believe you will be disappointed with it at all. If you like it, I strongly urge that you let your local brick and mortars about it as well, and have them carry it in their stores. Remember, don't ask them to carry XC116... Ask for it BY NAME:  READYxWICK

To order one of the best wicking materials I have ever vaped... click here







A Christmas Miracle

Every day, people wake up with a list of wishes a mile long hoping that one day, they will all come true. By the end of that day they head to bed knowing that when they awake once again, they will have the same list of wishes.

We all know that wishes rarely come true... so people learn to live in the reality that what we wish for, are so very often the things that we must learn to live without.

For many people, Christmas Day is when wishes come true.

For the month leading up to the holiday, we all become a little less selfish. We all focus on the people that surround us and we consider, if only for a moment... "what is it that the people we love need, or want?" 

What a glorious moment...

It's our moment of empathy... it's when we look beyond what we wish for, and consider the wishes of others!

When the day comes... we celebrate... we gather together and we celebrate our family and friends... and we give.

And it feels good.

I have a wish... and it's a small one.

To fulfill this wish doesn't cost any money and it doesn't require a whole lot of effort.

I wish... that everybody that reads this blog takes a moment, each and every day, to consider the wishes of others... every day... for the rest of your life. I'm not asking you to spend a dime to fulfill anybodies wish... I'm asking you to become aware that everybody else wakes up with a long list of things that, just like your long list, will remain unfulfilled at the end of the day!

And if... BY CHANCE... you become aware of something that somebody else is wishing for... that you CAN help fulfill that wish... why not just go ahead and do that? I'm not asking you to reach in your pocket... I'm suggesting you reach into your heart... every day.

Don't wait for people to ask for help. Open your heart and you will see when you are needed.  Sometimes a kind word is all that's required, occasionally, hold open a door for a stranger with an arm load of stuff... become aware of your surroundings and you'll see where you are needed.

We need Christmas to remind us that giving is good... for some people, Christmas is the only time they even consider doing things for others... and they get pretty grumpy because it's expected of them to give of themselves... seek out these Scrooges and show 'em what it's like to give... help them to understand the joy of giving.

We've heard about "Good Will Towards Men" haven't we? If we ALL consider the needs of our fellow humans... well... HEY.... then we have a shot at peace on earth.

Peace on Earth starts right here... I'm talking to YOU... Not some other person reading this... Yes.. YOU... Consider this... what's it going to cost you to do what I'm suggesting... Every day... for the rest of your life?

Not a thing.... It's absolutely free.

And that is the Christmas miracle for which I have wished...

Let's ALL go make some dreams come true...

Merry Christmas!



Facebbok Group

Well, anybody that has been following the Zenesis PV probably knows I'm not the biggest fan of Face Book.

This hasn't stopped people from creating Facebook Groups and pages about the devices, and one recently popped up called "I Vape Zen~" and I've been posting over there a bit. It's a closed group but you can request to be added.

In the upcoming year I am REALLY going to try to be more social in the online community... I'll never have the free-time I used to have for hanging out online, but I'm going to make an effort!

Thanks to the folks that start and maintain these groups... I'm truly humbled by your dedication to my products!


The Party is Over...

Wow... that sounds ominous... Especially since the vape meet was a success by any standard!

The first vape meet was held today at the Zenesis Factory Outlet & Vapor Lounge and we had a pretty good crowd considering the fact that there was REALLY short notice given and nobody even knew where the location was until the last minute.

It was great seeing peoples reactions to the new space and I was really happy to see how people just made themselves at home... it would have been nice to have the showroom ready as well, but it WAY more important to me to have a great place to hangout than to have retail operations mucking up the works.

Thanks to EVERYBODY that attended. I met quite a few new vapers that had never been to a local meet until today, and the old friends that visited are always a sight for sore eyes!

We will soon post a schedule of upcoming events at the ZFO and hopefully you can attend a future meet-up if you missed this one! 




So I've been trying to build up a factory showroom at the assembly shop, and the crew and I have been working on it since roughly June, with the hopes of opening by Mid-August.

Obviously, Mid August came and went... so did Mid-September, Mid-October and Mid-November... But that's OK... after all, in the same time-frame we have built and shipped THOUSANDS of Zenesis Z2 PVs and Z-Attys... I also designed the ZNA and got production rolling on that as well. So... the showroom isn't done... and isn't going to be done in Mid-December either... but it WILL be done by Early January, and we will be having a BLOW-OUT party at that time...

HOWEVER... Around here, we have a tradition of a vapers gathering in December and that time has come... SO... This year, the Holiday Party will be in the location that will eventually be the factory showroom. EVERYBODY that wishes to attend may do so... If you have never been to a local vape meet, this is a good place to start. If you are traveling from a nearby city, this is perfectly welcome as well... there are NO strangers, only people you haven't met yet!

The Party is from 1-7 and bring what you intend to drink. I'll have some Pizza brought down at some point so there's food... nothing special.

WE HAVE A HOLIDAY VAPE-RELATED GIFT EXCHANGE and participation is optional. The deal is to bring a WRAPPED vape-related gift valued at around twenty bucks... if you bring a gift, you get to take a gift. It's fun. We prefer not to have e-liquid as a gift, because tastes vary.

The LOCATION is 42 Nichols St, Suite 14, Spencerport NY 14559. It is just off the 531 Expressway.  If you see the McDonalds near the Corner of Rt 259 and Rt 31 you are basically there. WE ARE BEHIND THE PLAZA ON THE LOWER LEVEL, DIRECTLY BELOW the Strong Urgent Care facility. There is a TACKY little cardboard sign in the window that says "House Of Hybrids"... not very classy, but when we open we'll have a serious sign of some description... or not... hard to say. 

Remember, Everybody OVER THE AGE OF 18 is welcome... so come on over... meet some vapers... hang out. Eat some Pizza, it's delish.


Sorry for the short notice...


Life on the vapor trail...

This year I went to a good number of vape events, and it's really great to see how they have proliferated over the past few years. These events are not only growing in size, there are more and more of them each year. This past year demonstrated that there is room for all of them, but we will eventually hit the point where there are too many, and consolidation will need to happen.

This year I attended VapeFest in NY, VapeBash in Chicago, VapeStock in Florida, VapeCan in Toronto, VapeFest in Las Veagas, VapetoberFest in Long Beach and VaperCon in Richmond. I missed going to ECC in Anaheim, because it was intentionally booked on the same weekend as Vegas, and I support the Event that supports Vapor Research, so Vegas was a must. 

All of the events have completely different "feels" to them. VapeFest focuses HEAVILY on education and quitting smoking. There are classes on industry legal issues, business development, battery safety and coil building at VapeFest and I participate in the rebuildable classes and it's a lot of fun doing these sessions. VapeFest is an event that has paid admission, it exists to raise money for the benefit of vapor related legal and safety issues. Funds raised by VapeFest went to publishing research which has been used in support of vapor safety. There will be future studies funded with the funds that are being raised at the more recent events. NY and Vegas Vapefests were really well attended this year and if one pops up in a city near you, it's a really great cause that you're supporting by attending.

VapeBash in Chicago started out in 2012 as a competing event for VapeFest being held in the same city, on the same weekend. Many great things can come from ill-intentioned divisiveness... the attendees that had no ax to grind soon discovered that instead of one great event, we ended up with two. For 2013 VapeBash turned into an event in its own right. With the possible exception of poor hotel negotiations that left us with limited places in the hotel to actually vape, this was a really nice event this year.

VapeStock is an event like no other... Vapers converged on the little town of Indian Rocks Beach FL with vaping on their mind... the event is more social than commercial. Friday is all about chilling and vaping on the deck and by the pool... Saturday is fighting back the hangover until noon... then the vendors sell for about 4 hours, then the party starts back up. The venue is WAY too small, and it's an absolute blast!

VapeCan 2013 was the first ever, national vaping event.  I was, I believe, The only vendor there from the USA and it was a fantastic time... somewhere further down this blog you'll see what I said about it.

The NEXT stop on the "Vapor Trail" was Vegas VapeFest... And once again an event was booked to compete with it in nearby Anaheim... not to worry... LOTS of folks attended both, once again proving that vapers aren't going to have anything to do with the petty crap that some people feel should be dividing us... ECC was well attended, though not by me... and VapeFest had it's highest attendance ever. And it was a really great time!

And just weeks later there was Long Beach VapeToberfest... Long Beach was a great event... it was the first time they did this, and it was really well organized and very well attended. The most amazing thing about Long Beach California... for FOUR whole days, I didn't see a single person smoking a cigarette... nobody... not even a bum on the street. In Long Beach... people Vape... Not just the event attendees... EVERYBODY... it was REALLY refreshing to see what can happen when smoking becomes considered "tabu" and vaping is considered "HIP"... it was amazing!

And then... POOF... It's time for VaperCon... For me, VaperCon is like a home-coming... it's where I first launched the Zenesis PV, and it's where I usually show what's coming next... and the ZNA gave people a lot to talk about!  It was a blast... long hours of hanging out and meeting people, but really a great time!

And just when I thought I was done traveling for the year i added one last stop on the tour... A relatively small regional vape meet in DesMoines Iowa, which I booked at the last minute and decided to surprise them by attending. We recently started making our products available at Brick and Mortar stores and the first one to add the full product line is Central Iowa Vapers in DesMoines. It turns out that they were having a state-wide vape meet at their store, and I decided to pop in... I brought them their "Authorized Dealer" plaques so they would have them for the event, plus I brought along the "Zenesis Custom Shop" displays... this gives people the ability to hand pick from a variety of REALLY limited edition Z2 parts in custom and one of a kind finishes making it possible to have a truly unique PV that nobody else has. It was an AWESOME time and I'm really glad I decided to go. The staff at Central Iowa eCigs have a great shop, with really great staff on hand, and I was thrilled to be at their meet!

On the return trip home from DesMoines, I had a really fun thing happen... at the security checkpoint when my "custom shop" case was being scanned... the TSA guy looked at them... then up at me and said... "eCig parts?" and I replied... "Man you ARE good"... he smiled and said "Zen, I learned how to make coils by watching your videos... I figured they would be eCig parts when I saw you in line". We have come a LONG WAY since I was detained in Chicago 2 years ago because the TSA guy thought I had bombs in my suitcase... a LONG LONG way!

OK... now lets talk about cool stuff I saw on the vapor trail this year....

Errrrrr.... there wasn't much, actually...

Notable Juices this year were Philosophers Stone by LaVape Shop in Quebec... The Gold Seal Root Beer from New Life eCigs... oh... and Juice Wytch has a new juice called simply "HEX" which is pretty outstanding... it's complex, and worthy of checking out.



Notable "Innovations" were the Stache drip tips mentioned in the VapeCan segment earlier this year and not a whole lot else... Ninja Vapes (The maker of the ODACHI) has a 14500 sized hybrid coming soon that is pretty special. The HAM 26650 Black Anodized MONSTER hybrid started delivering at VaperCon, and it's a really excellent first effort from JailBird Mods, a new start-up company with a lot of talent in their corner.

I think we're going to see some MAJOR innovations in vaping in 2014... only time will tell, but I see some trends building and it should flesh-out to be a promising year. I'll cover what I think is coming before the first of the year!


Brick and Mortars are coming soon


10/8/2013: As the vaping industry has grown, there are hundreds of great local stores that have popped up in major metropolitan areas. In an effort to better serve our customers, we will be building an elite network of fully stocked dealers that will represent our products. This does not effect online sales, as will still be our exclusive online retailer.

These new "Brick and Mortar" stores will carry the entire product line... Every model and finish. There's no better way to experience the quality of our products than to hold them in your hands and see for yourself.

If you have a local Vape Shop that you feel should carry our products, please let them know we are accepting applications at this time, and encourage them to apply to become a certified reseller of our products.

We will list our dealers on our website so the vapers everywhere will know where to see our products in person without having to order them online, or travel to a major vaping event to purchase them.

We are excited that we have reached a point that we can finally offer this convenience to the fans of our devices, and look forward to being able to service these dealers as they grow.


OH NO... He setup an INSTagram account too...

I'm so ashamed... but follow... this will be fun!


Instagram   Follow me... really...

So like... FOLLOW ME!

Yeah, I went ahead and did the unthinkable... I created a House of Hybrids twitter account... I know, it's SOOOO 2011 to create a twitter account!

So now I want some followers, and I decided it will be cool to sweeten the pot for you guys... so when we hit 500 followers, one of the first 500 will win a Z2~DX650 in your choice of of body color...

And I'll give away another at 1000...

So... spread the word and follow me @houseofhybrids


LILY BEAR Hits the street

The second installment of the Vapes Like Art series hit the street yesterday.

Featuring a bright Tie Dye pattern, Lily bear is the first of two different tie dye creations in the Vapes Like Art series. This is a limited edition PV and only 25 units were created in this particular pattern.

Vapes Like Art is a series of limited edition Sidewinder PVs that feature a hydro-dipped pattern and a look that is unlike any other PV on the market. To see all of the upcoming patterns and their approximate release dates, click on the sidewinder link in the main menu.

Brass Z2 is now available

The new Brass Z2 is currently available in the DX series and the Zenesis Hybrid series. These new models feature a SOLID BRASS switch button and body tube and they hit like a runaway bus!

It was not our original intention to make a Brass PV, but the demand was very high so we decided to give it a shot. These have a classic Two-Tone brass and stainless look and they came out really great.

If you already have a Z2 compatible PV, you can buy just the body tube and switch button in Brass to dress up your existing PV.

You can nab one at by following the links right here: ZENESIS APVs

Brass Carto Hybrids will be available soon... look here for the announcement!



Steam Monkey Link RDA Offically Announced

September 10: My Text messages and Skype lit up this evening with messages about the First Z2 Compatible dripping atty to hit the market.  Most of the questions were about how I feel about somebody building a Z2 compatible device, and a LOT of the questions were asking for my opinion about the design.

So, first things first... I released the Z2 thread specifications so this would happen, and I am thrilled that Lance took the ball and ran with it. The Link RDA appears to be part of a full system of Z2 compatible items that he is bringing to the market. The RDA looks to be really well made, and the design is very similar to the upper section of a Z-Atty, with an additional ground screw. The truth of the matter is that I was working on a similar design and when I heard he was doing this, I decided to stop my own efforts to release a dripper. I'm busy enough with Z2 and some other upcoming designs so it was an easy decision to make, and I'm glad I decided in that direction.

So, how do I feel about the design? Like I said, it's similar to what I would build, so I think it's terrific!

All the buzz started when Lance released a video of his device as a "market teaser", and if you would like to watch it, the link is included here:



From what I see, the atty is nicely machined and it will look GREAT on A Z2 vaporizer and I think it will be EXCEPTIONALLY cool on the small form factor of the SideWinder. I'm excited to see one being used like that!

From what I understand the LINK RDA will sell for around 80 bucks... A pretty nice price for a USA made stainless atty... and I hear it will be available in Gun Metal for a bit more... I may get one of those for my Gun Metal Z2!

I'm very excited that a Z2 compatible dripping atomizer is coming to the market, and I hope all the Zenfidels will fully support the OTHER Z2 manufacturers as they come on board.

NICELY DONE, Lance... I wish you EVERY success with your new endeavor!

Mike (Zen~)

Reflections of VapeCan 2013


I've been to a lot of big vape meets and each one of them have had their own unique feel and character... but in all honesty I feel compelled to say that the one I just attended in Toronto has got to be one of the most enjoyable ones I have attended to date.

So... what made it so enjoyable?  The Size of the event was just perfect. Not too few people... not too many.  Not too few vendors... not too many.

And from my point of view, there was positively... absolutely... NO DRAMA.

I didn't get tugged aside to be told about some awful thing that so and so was doing.  I didn't have to listen to any stories about how somebodies feelings were hurt by something somebody said that they probably didn't mean in the first place. The Hotel KNEW they were having a vaping event and they played along. The promoters did a GEAT job . (Jay and Frenchy are the two I'm aware of, and if there were more, I apologize for not mentioning them) On the other hand, the weekend was filled with the usual feel-good moments with folks ceremoniously stomping on packs of cigarettes to celebrate their transition into vapedom, and there was certainly no shortage of that happening.

When I go to a big meet, I like to shop the other vendors looking for PVs to add to my collection and I've been known to over-indulge from time to time in the activity. I managed to score a few little trinkets to bolster my already obsessively large addiction. One of the things I look for at these things is something new... refreshing and novel... exciting.

I was setup at the MAWNCO table, displaying an assortment of Z2 PVs in some prototype finishes that were available for sale. I was fortunate enough to be sitting right next to one of my inspirations in the Modding community,  JR Custom Turnings. I have wanted to own one of his products for quite some time and I left the show with a gorgeous new Zebrawood and Brass Tube Mod that is now a permanent addition to the collection. The craftsmanship is without peer!

As I walked through the vendor tables I happened upon a fellow that was selling really unique drip tips. Stache, if you're reading this, I'm talking about you! It is ALWAYS refreshing to see something new and novel, and these drip tips that he makes are like no other. The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless. At a glance I knew I was looking at something VERY special. THEN I noticed three short pipe stems that were surreptitiously hiding in plain sight... and they are without any shadow of a doubt the nicest design I have ever seen for an e-Pipe stem. Three were on the table... and three left the event in my satchel. Later in the event, the maker of these amazing tips stopped by my table to give me a fourth tip, in a different design... a gift. It is now perched atop the crown jewel of my ePipe collection, the freehand pipe made by Matt Wellman. And it is a perfect addition to an already stunning masterpiece of cloud producing art.

Anybody that knows me, knows that when it comes to e-liquid, I am one picky sumunabeotch! I don't expect to even TASTE juice at a show like this, but the folks over at La Vape Shop in Quebec introduced me to a juice they created in conjunction with their friends over at Vaporus. Carrying the moniker "Philosophers Stone", this juice takes the vaper down a journey into complex flavors and olfactory colors that has to be tasted to be understood, and even THEN it remains mysterious. MOVE OVER Bobbas Bounty and Tribecca... there's a new sheriff in flavor-town and it speaks with a french accent!

And if finding ONE new flavor isn't enough, imagine my surprise when I actually found a second flavor worth mentioning! New Life eCigs had an impressive array of juice on hand... but when I heard the owner make the INCREDIBLY BOLD statement "Our ROOT BEER juice is the best you will EVER taste" my ears perked and I told Erin (the LOVELY woman working at that table with the owner) that such a comment could not go unchallenged. You see, I MYSELF, have been on a quest for a root beer juice that can pass muster... and none has existed to date. Moments later I was inhaling the vapor equivalent of a candy store root beer barrel into my lungs and it immediately took me to that comfortable nook at my grandmothers home where she kept the candy bowl filled with little treats for us kids. This flavor is MORE than close... it is dead-on. I couldn't help it... I bought 6 bottles.

I live 15 minutes from Phil Busardo... I only see him at vape meets in other cities... it's sad how busy our lives have become. I enjoy hanging around with the guy... sigh.

As far as I'm concerned, the event was a HUGE success. From a vendors perspective, I couldn't ask for more. They even had folks making sure the vendors were able to get food so they could stay at the booth without passing out... they brought water around for the vendors... very thoughtful and REALLY appreciated. It's the little touches that make the difference.

I had a blast, and I'll be back next year....


Video By Phil Busardo: CLICK HERE



Z2 Thread Specs openly published


Requests for Thread Spec Sheets have been pouring in... and today we decided to openly publish the spec sheet with certain terms and conditions. They are pretty simple... if you're going to use the thread spec, please let us know!

To see the thread spec sheet, CLICK HERE

Z2 Gun Metal Finish has launched

7-21-2013 Gun Metal hits the street.

The newest finish is now available. The Gun Metal finish is as durable as it is sexy! This is not a plating or heat treating process... It's an aerospace grade nano-coating that is as tough as nails!

The initial offerings in this finish are just body tubes and finished PVs, but we will soon be releasing top caps and switch buttons as well as Gun Metal Carto Tanks and Accessory atomizers.

Yes, the finish is a little on the pricey side, but it's well worth it. It is HIGHLY conductive and it will wear better than any other finish we have encountered.

Gun Metal PVs and Zencessories are available EXCLUSIVELY at

So what finish is coming next? HINT... you're gonna LOVE what's coming next! Stay Tuned! 

Zenesis 2 is Growing!

When we announced the upcoming Z2 line-up, we mentioned that we would be releasing our thread specifications to manufacturers that wished to be compatible with the new Z2 thread specifications.

The first product to hit the market is a replacement switch made by Steam Monkey, LLC in Fort Worth Texas. This switch is a straight up clone of the existing Z2 switch, but it fills an important need in the market. We don't sell switches by themselves at this point in time, and lots of people have asked for them. As we ramp up our own production, we may start releasing switches as accessory items, but at this time, the Steam Monkey switch is a good way to go if you want to complete PV from other body parts that we do sell.

The switch is available by following THIS LINK:

The second product to become available should be out by Labor Day, but it's an exciting one. It's actually a three "post" dripper atty that will fit right on our Z2 body tubes. From what we hear, it will have a top cap that is nearly identical to the Z2 top cap in the look, without the Zen~ logo, of course. Zenesis top caps should fit it as well. This is also being released by Steam Monkey.

And the third product is actually a full PV system that is built on the Z2 specs. It's ALSO from Steam Monkey, LLC and it's called the Brass Monkey. The Body tubes and switch button are made of Brass and we are told it will have a monkey head engraved on it similar to their company logo. They are introducing three Body Tubes to round out the offering. This will be classified as a Hybrid Dripper, featuring their Z2 dripper atty, and they have requested the prints of our 510 Adapter so they could have some universal appeal as well. The Z2 ATTY and Carto-Tank can be used on the Steam Monkey as well, and of course, our own Z2/510 connector will fit it too.