Z2.2 isn't just a personal vaporizer... It's a full system based on a thread specification we introduced a few years ago that we're calling Z2 Spec... It started with the Original Zenesis Standard and Mini PVs way back when, and it evolved even further with the introduction of the Sidewinder in October of 2012. We have taken it to the next level with this entire new line of devices. Every part of this system is compatible with all the other parts giving you unparalleled versatility to create the PV of your dreams. And that's not all!

Modular Design means greater value... both today and in the future!

Zenesis 2 is modular in design, which opens up an entire realm of expansion and adaptations within our line. Parts Availability is unsurpassed in the industry. Almost every part of the device is available in a variety of metals so you can own a device that is as unique as you are... sure, some of the metals and finishes are more scarce than others, but the combinations that can come of this are simply amazing! We started out simple, and as time passes, the material choices have increased. Some parts have been in limited serial numbered editions while others are more widely available. Every single part of the system is backwards compatible all the way to the very first Zenesis PV we produced.

But it doesn't stop there...Not by a long shot.

We've stepped things up by increasing the electrical connectivity of the device by putting 24K gold plated contacts in the switch and Solid C101 copper in the dual-adjustable 510 connector.  Used by the entire high-end hi-fi industry and computer manufacturers, 24k gold plating is the preferred electrical connection material used in every application where non-oxidizing connectivity is required. If you're seeking the ultimate vaping experience, we now offer body tubes and other critical parts made of C101 Oxygen free copper as well as Nickel Plated Brass... You can experiment and build the PV of your dreams.

Express yourself... It's OK and we make it easy!

Sure, your new Z2.2 PV shows up at your door in a beautifully finished Stainless Steel, but you're unique, and now you can express yourself by getting optional upgrade parts in a wild range of finishes... Every part of your Z2.2 PV is available in a variety of colors and materials so you can make it your OWN personalized design. You can even build your PV from the ground up by selecting ONLY the parts you choose... No other PV manufacturer offers you so many options to upgrade and customize... nobody!


Hybrid from the start, with options galore

Z2.2 PVs come complete with a Z2.2 to 510 universal adapter, but by simply removing it you can convert your universal PV into a dedicated hybrid PV, without the need to but finicky adapters or use magnet spacers. Our Z2 Zenesis atomizer threads right onto the body tube for a seamless, no gap, connection that far exceeds the 510 connection in terms of strength and current carrying capacity. We also offer the Z2.2 Carto Tank that will convert your PV into the only Carto/Hybrid PV in existence anywhere!

Z2.2 Carto Tank in ZenKote™ finishesZ2.2 Mini Atty

Open Source means Open Innovation... We're breaking the mold of keeping trade secrets.

Z2 Spec is an open source platform specification, and several other device manufacturers are already developing accessories that will be completely compatible with the full Zenesis 2 system. Third party developers are already developing dripping atomizers, bottom feeders and other exciting add-ons to this system, and others are building full PVs with the thread specs... all of these offer future compatibility and interchangeability as the system evolves. Manufacturers are welcome to request a print of the Z2 spec for use in their own devices.

We're not satisfied with run-of-the-mill materials, and you shouldn't be either!

We use the best materials available... period. We utilize Gold and the highest grade of Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum and more  without regard for price... We select only premium metals from U.S. suppliers.  But it's not enough to use premium metals. Our research into aerospace grade nano-coatings give us the ability to get even more exotic... and these finishes are taking the vaping industry by a storm. Our ZenKote™ finishes are so durable and beautiful, that the largest manufacturer of PVs in the country has starting offering special editions in the luxurious treatments . We are raising the bar, and our new design is not only stunning to look at and hold, but it is more conductive with higher performance as well!

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