Zenesis 2 DX-350

Zenesis 2 DX-350 is an all mechanical Personal Vaporizer with the industry Standard 510 connector. This is the perfect companion for the Z-Atty-U, or you can finally put your favorite atomizer or carto tanks on a Zenesis Quality PV! Of course, this DX series PV features Z2 threading on the body tube so it is completely interchangeable with all Z2 Standard devices such as the Mini or Standard Zenesis Atomizers or the new Z2 Carto Tank, so it's a great and relatively inexpensive way to get started in the Z2 lineup.

Powered by AW IMR 18350 Cell (not included)
510 Stainless Steel connector
Z2 Body and Switch Threading
Diameter: .860" 
Height: 2.625" 
Material: Stainless Surgical Steel 
24K Gold Plated Contacts on all electrical connections
Entirely mechanical and Rebuildable 
No solder, Flux or wire in the entire PV

$110.00 Stainless Steel
$122.00 Gun Metal
$122.00 Sapphire
$122.00 Brass