Open Source Z2 Thread Specifications



You may freely use these thread specifications for your own personal devices without notification to us that you have done so. For the purpose of this use, "personal devices" is defined as being a device built for yourself and your own private use. Devices made for personal use may not be sold, traded or otherwise disposed of without prior notification to us, in writing. Authorization to transfer a device will not be unreasonably withheld.


You may make up to 5 Prototypes using these thread specifications without notification.

If you intend to produce a quantity of 6 or more devices you must first request permission if you intend to use the following terms: Z2 Spec., Z2 Specifications, Zenesis 2, Z2 Compatible, Zenesis Compatible, Zenesis 2 Compatible, or any other terms which may be confusingly similar for the purpose of marketing your devices or products without prior written consent from House of Hybrids, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

To receive permission for commercial use you must submit drawings, renderings and test parts to check for compatibility. Failure to do so will result in not being able to use the Z2 Identity in your marketing. 


We are putting these specifications out there so people can use them to make Z2 compatible devices and you are free to make as many as you like without compensating House of Hybrids in any way. The REASON for the above terms is so that you will let us know that you're doing it, and so we can make sure that everything fits properly. We also feel that using Z2 as a marketing tool can give you certain advantages in the market, and we would like to know that you're doing it correctly BEFORE selling your devices to the public.