ZenKote™ Colors

ZenKotetm is a super-tough decorative and conductive nano-coating finish developed by House of Hybrids. Imagine having incredible beauty in a highly conductive finish but with a hardness greater than carbide! We start with a Stainless Steel substrate then run the part through a 7 step cleaning process to clean and sterilize it making it ready for the tough outer finish. Finally, The final finish step is to put our proprietary vapor deposition nanocoating on it to make it permanent and tougher than any PV finish available, it's tougher than Chrome!

 ZenKotetm is currently available in the following rugged finishes: 

  • GunMetal ZenKotetm: The depth and look of dark nickel, but as tough as nails.
  • Gold ZenKotetm: The look of 24K Gold but tougher than Titanium . Don't confuse this finish with Gold Plating... it's MUCH more than that!
  • Aluminum Graphite ZenKote™: Our first ZenKote™ designed exclusively for coating ALUMINUM! 
  • Rose Gold ZenKotetm All the luster of rich Rose Gold but with a wear resistance greater than carbide.
  • Princess ZenKote™: A really rich Purple that is just stunning! Formerly known as Byzantium ZenKote™.
  • Obsidian ZenKote™ A deep dark favorite that has a rainbow fade on flat sections... truly beautiful.

Discontinued Colors

  • Carpathian Blue ZenKotetm: Available exclusively at the Zenesis Factory Outlet Store and occasional Vape Meets. (Discontinued)
  • Sapphire ZenKotetm: A deep blue finish that proved to be unstable in color. (Discontinued)
  • Antique Bronze ZenKote: Existed only on the Launch Day edition of the ZNA (Discontinued)