Since January 16, 2014 this has been the most sought after PV in the industry. Featuring a unique blend of Art Deco Styling and advanced engineering, the ZNA is a powerful PV that delivers high performance in a package that screams simple elegance.

The ZNA Features the highly advanced EVOLV DNA30 engine to deliver 30 solid watts of vaping power. It is also available in limited quantities with the EVOLVE DNA20 engine in the Perfection Vapes ZNA20 Limited edition.

The Box/Tube Hybrid design is a new twist on PV design, melding the best of both formats into a single functional style. This design is compatible with ALL Z2 threaded toppers and can be configured using any of the readily available Z2 18490 and 18650 body tubes. For a small format, go with the included 18490 Tube and for Maximum battery life, amp it up with the optional 18650 tubes, available in many exciting colors.

The ZNA is designed exclusively for use with AW Nipple Top IMR BATTERIES. Other batteries may not fit.

Starting April 11, 2014 the ZNA will begin shipping with a fully adjustable 510 connector featuring solid copper contacts. Prior units can be upgraded for a small charge.

Features include:

Wattage Up and Down buttons with Power Lock... pushing both buttons will lock the wattage until the battery is changed or the lock is cleared.

Trigger Action Firing switch. This is the most comfortable firing switch on the market with a light tactile feel and wide range of comfortable firing positions.

Advanced Battery Monitoring... Monitors the battery condition to ensure the safest possible vaping experience.

1 Year limited warranty. Your new ZNA is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for one full year from the date of purchase. PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM AN AUTHORIZED DEALER IS REQUIRED. Our warranty repair service is the fastest in the business... most repairs ship back to the owner the same day they arrive in the shop. 

Digital Serial Number.

Screen Flip Mode (lefties need love too)

Five Click Firing Lock: Click if 5 times to pocket it... another 5 unlocks it.

Stealth Mode: Turns off the screen for invisible night time vaping.

Information Screen:: NO CRYPTIC MENUS!.... At a glance you can see the power setting, Voltage Output, Coil resistance and battery condition.